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We are delighted to have completed more than three years of our journey as we laid down the foundation of Starling International school. In a world falling into pieces under the impact of the amoral technological avalanche, it tries to hold the fundamental values for which our culture stands.Our vision was to make the School stand for the reintegration of Indian Culture and proudly we proclaim we have accomplished the same to an extent. We take a moment to look back and appreciate the relentless hardwork and dedication of our facilitators and other team members who had been instrumental in paving the way to our accomplishments.

In the next five years, our focus will be on academic excellence and holistic development.We believe that true education cannot be accomplished being captive within the four walls of the classroom and holistic development can be attained only if we  remain equally alligned towards Physical,cognitive & social development of the children.Our firm belief is that this approach will not only help students attain academic excellence but also prepare them for future life events.Irrespective of the background or calibre of the students, they are groomed and nurtured in a way that they can stride into the adult world, confidently, responsibly and independently. The school’s big strength — pedagogy balanced with pastoral care — will be supported in equal measure to enhance the school’s standing.The Starling International family, must make every effort in restoring a value based education system and carry forward this legacy of imparting quality education in the next several years.

With all good wishes
Smt. Jyotsna Roy

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